2 February 2011

5 ESL/EFL Activities for Valentine's Day

I don't really like to use this holiday but I know some people do and there's a few of my activities that can be adapted for it. Of course you can just do a regular class but whack hearts all over things which works too!

5. Broken Hearts Matching
You need: Paper hearts, enough so that each student gets one half.
How to: This can be used to review any English really, prepare broken heart shapes with halves of sentences or words or compound words. I like to use matching for "If" "but" and "because" practice because grammatically all the pairs work so the students must think about the meaning. Have the students walk around and try to find their other half. You can either have the students say their English or just show it and read together.

4. Valentine Card Read 'n' Run
You need: A prepared logic puzzle. Hints, answer papers, pictures of celebrities.
How to: This takes a bit of preparation. Find a simple matching logic puzzle online or in a book/magazine. Rewrite the clues so that the theme is celebrities giving cards to each other. "Hello Kitty did not give a card to Anpanman." etc Paste up the hints around the room and give each pair an answer paper, the answer paper can have a logic puzzle grid on it to make it easier. If your students don't know how to do this kind of puzzle you may have to demonstrate on the board. The students need to find out who the celebrities gave cards to.

3. Love Song Listening
You need: A love song of your choice, lyrics papers
How to: Depending on the song you could do fill in the blanks, choose the word, count how many times a certain word appears, find the grammar point, guess the word before listening. Any of the usual music activities with a Valentines twist. (You could even use a broken hearted song if you were so inclined!)

2. Valentine Card Craft
You need: Instruction papers, construction paper in different colours but mostly pink and red, other craft bits and bobs, dictionaries
How to: This idea might work better with an all-girls school, for a mixed school you could have less pink and red and make "Friendship Cards". Have the students think of a person to give their card to and five reasons why that person is a good friend. Then they can make and give out their cards.

1. Valentine Creative Writing
You need: Writing prompts, (possibly) props, writing paper
How to: Have the students work together in groups, give each group a prompt and/or a couple of props to help the creative process (the wackier the better). They can either work together to make a story, or if you have higher levels they can take turns writing sentences. If your students are not too shy have them read out the story at the end.

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