22 April 2010

5 ESL/EFL Quick Alphabet Activities

Some students learning English have to start with the alphabet as their own language uses other characters. Here's 5 quick activities to get students familar with the roman alphabet. Learning the order is very useful for developing dictionary skills and dealing with alphabetised items.

5. Ordering.
You will need: One set of alphabet cards per group.
Just give each group (or individually if you'd like) a set of cards and have them put them in order A-Z.

4. What's this?
You will need: One set of alphabet cards per group
Layout the alphabet cards in order. Give each group a somewhat thick piece of paper or card. The students should take turns with the card. The other students should close their eyes and the student with the card covers a letter. When the students open their eyes they should say the missing letter. The first student to say the correct letter gets a point.

3. Circling
You will need: alphabet worksheets (download coming soon), coloured pens/crayons
Give out one worksheet per pair. Each student in the pair should have a different coloured pen or crayon. As you call out the letters the students should race to circle the correct letter. The student with the most claimed letters is the winner

2. Alphabet Bomb
You will need: nothing
In groups the students take turns saying up to three letters of the alphabet. The next player continues with up to three letters. For example: 1. "ABC" 2. "DE" 3"FGH" 4. "I" etc. The student who says "Z" is out. Either play a couple of rounds starting with all the players each time, or have a knockout tournament.

1. Slam
You will need: Alphabet cards
Layout the cards randomly for each group. Call out a letter and have the students slam their hands on the right letter. The winner gets to keep the card.

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