6 January 2010

5 EFL/ESL Back to School Activities

Happy New Year!
It's cold, it's the first lesson back, the students are not in the mood to study... try these activities for the first week of term. (includes the Four Skills plus a warm-up)

5. Christmas Vacation writing. Yes, not very inspiring but can be fun depending on the class, if you give them space to draw a (quick!) picture they'll like it more.

4. New Year's Resolution. "Resolution" is a hard word but you can introduce "promise" have the students choose a promise for the year and then interview each other. "What is your New Year promise?"

3. Word of the Year. This can be a nice creative lesson. Have the students choose their own word for the coming year, write/speak/present a little about it then make decorative versions of their words for the classroom (can also be a good way to end the year)

2. New Year Vocab Quiz. Stick to words they will probably know, don't want to knock their confidence in the first week. Draw boxes on the board for each month and the winning team is the first to get to Christmas of the coming year.

1. New Year's Around the World. If you'd like to take the opportunity to add some culture. Stick up some posters about different New Years traditions around the world and have some map/the students geography books handy. Put the students into pairs and give each pair a list of questions. Have them take turns running around to find the answers and locate the countries on the maps. This is one activity which can take all lesson meaning they don't need to sit through a long explanation but they do get lots of English practice!

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